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    The body of work presented in this category of images is an inquiry into models of quantum gravity. Around 2002 I had a series of three dreams about an energy matrix that revolved around gravity singularities , electromagnetic energy, and information resonance. At the time I was totally unaware of the models along these lines that have been developing since at least the 1980's. The dreams led me to research these models from a beginner's perspective and I learned a lot about vacuum energy, different aspects of field theory, singularities, acoustics, topology, etc. Because of my naive perspective, pulling the thread of information that seemed to be constantly confirming my original dreams was really exciting and compelling on a personal level.

One aspect of the model that I am putting forward that differs from most of the rigorous scientific models that exist, is that the primary wormhole form is nestled inside of larger, identically structured forms, similar to the way Russian dolls are nestled. This difference would mean that the forms could be repeated at different scales.

The basic premise of any of these models is that, at the most elementary level(Planck scale) the uncertainty principle allows for the tendency of tiny black holes to form. Gravity would be measured in discreet units, similar to particles. Space-time would have an aggregate quality. Electromagnetic forces and gravity would be linked by charges in the wormholes. There are really interesting ramifications for the resonant exchange of information and information feedback between the fields in these models. The universe could be viewed as a system of information exchange. This resonant aspect is the inspiration for the titles in the first series of images I have posted here.

Another aspect of this resonant quantum gravity system is that it can be reproduced in a kind of analog form in liquid, by running ultrasonic frequencies through liquids such as water or benzine. This is being done for experimental explorations of quantum gravity because at Planck scale, energy levels are too high to do much meaningful earthbound research. There are also telescopes that are being used because this level of energy is accessible in space.

The second series of images,"Sound in Water" refer both to this process and the second dream I experienced that correlated with these phenomena. These images are more interpretive and more loosely reference scientific information. I have included in these images some motifs derived from the work of Hans Jenny and also Alexander Lauterwasser because before I had the initial dreams, I had been introduced to their work. I feel that their images and concepts helped me understand some of the concepts in the dreams. I included the dolphin images because in my dream, dolphins represented the use of ultrasonic frequencies, which they are fluent in, to manifest this matrix. The last mixed media image, an image of dolphins in a circular formation manifesting the wormhole forms, is a direct visual quote from the dream I had.

These images aren't just about the physics described, or my dreams.They are about image making as well. I did take liberties with the subject matter. One important aspect of these forms in the first series is that they are background independent. That is to say that any quality or quantity observable in them is immanent in the forms themselves, there is no "outside" of the forms. I am not sure I was able to achieve that concept in the images. Also, the space in the first series has been highly compressed, similar to the way that space is compressed in visual models of atoms. I had great fun experimenting with glazes and different methods of applications of paint . I am just as concerned with the formal qualities of the images as I am about the subject matter. I hope the viewer is first engaged by their formal qualities.

                                        (Oil on Canvas unless otherwise Indicated)

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